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Party construction ideaParty Building Concept
Since its establishment in 2008, the Party committee closely combines with the strategic goal of the company, always adheres to the principle of “Party Cohesion and Integration to Achieve Win-win”, and make full use of the advanced concept of “Four Grasps”, in order to extensively and distinctively carry out the Party building work, so that the healthy and harmonious enterprise development is promoted. Therefore, it has become the banner of party building in Chongqing non-public enterprises.

Closely Grasp the Enterprise Development Goal
Have Party Building Grow the Root for Enterprise Development


Implement the Project Party Building Law, which means wherever there is our industry, there is party branch. The Party building is closely related to the pace of company development. The specific measures are One Building, Two Examinations and Three Contacts".

One Building: build the project Party branch to ensure the penetration of the party to the front line;

Two Examinations: adopt regular evaluation mechanism to include daily work performance of the branch secretary into the annual assessment for advanced worker, so that the basic branch plays the role;

Three Contacts: establish the system that the party secretary contacts the branch secretary, the branch secretary contacts the party team leader, and the party team leader contacts the key Party members, so as to ensure the linkage and responsibility of the party building work.


Closely Grasp the Building of Enterprise Culture
Have Party Building Grow the Spirit for Enterprise Development


One: standardize the cultural logo of the enterprise Party building

Two: expand the cultural carrier of the enterprise Party building

Three: build up and perfect the position of Party building activities

Four: enrich the leisure life of the party members and employees


Closely Grasp the Two Roles Playing
Have Party Building Grow Effectively for Enterprise Development


Six mechanisms for Party organization and Party members playing their roles

1, Decision-making mechanism: establish and perfect the mechanism that Group Party committee participates in the decision-making for enterprise major problems;

2, Communication mechanism: establish the mechanism that the Party committee secretary communicates with the board of directors in a regular way, so that the major problems can be timely responded and resolved, and the reasonable proposals can be adopted.

3, Double training and double recommendation mechanism: train outstanding talents as Party members and train Party members as talents, and recommend them to the enterprise management and the party leadership.

4, Personnel selecting and employing mechanism: the Group Party committee actively participates in the decision-making mechanism of selecting and employing personnel by the human resources department, and ensures the talent reserve of the company;

5, Co-building mechanism of the Party, the Communist Youth League and the Trade Union: perfect the mechanism that the Party leads the Youth League and the Trade Union, to strengthen the harmony in and out of the enterprise;

6, Performance evaluation mechanism: adhere to the performance evaluation mechanism, and the party building work is also included in the company’s monthly and annual assessment.


Closely Grasp the Corporate Social Responsibility
Have Party Building Grow Responsibility for Enterprise Development


1, Adhere to the core values of “the value of a man is greater than the value of an object, the value of a team is greater than the value of the man, the value of the society is greater than the value of an object”

2, Comply with the principle of “It's better to teach a man fishing than to give him fish”