• Zhongke Investment

    Zhongke Investment relies on the main business of the construction industry to stimulate its development; work with the Tianhong Asset Management and Sichuan Development Fund to set up a PPP fund in Sichuan; work with Sfund and Guangzhou City Construction Investment Group to set up a PPP fund in Xinjiang. The company is committed to investing in PPP and EPC projects, so as to contribute to the rapid growth of the main industry.

    Zhongke Investment also holds the part or whole of the Hengfeng Rural Bank, Three Gorges Life Insurance Co., Ltd.., Zhongke Virtue Fund and other financial enterprises, strengthening the regional layout by reaching to Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. With the concept of “rely on the main industry and drive the main industry”, the company actively allocates resources in production & finance to promote the business model innovation, acquire high-quality assets, and promote industrial upgrading.

Strategic partners